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“Purpose emerges as something to be worked towards, rather than as something that is necessarily present at the beginning of the making/experiencing process. Demands are made throughout the process—the perception, selection, and organization of qualities and responsiveness to them. These relationships reorganize thinking in an on-going dialogue.”   (Margaret MacIntyre Latta, 2008)

:: Bio ::

Heidi May is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher whose practice explores notions of network, self and learning; relational, digital and social art practices; and media culture. Her work manifests in interview research, experimental video, digital productions, and social practice. Recent projects have examined the relational processes of socially networked spaces and digital technologies, and how we make meaning in the midst of these processes. Writings produced from this research have focused on the dialogical, collaborative and performative aspects within the network of art, teaching, and learning. Video and digital work includes reflexive manipulation of found footage/photos and online experiences. Her artwork has been exhibited in various venues and her writings have been published in international peer-reviewed journals.

Heidi completed a PhD (Art Education) in the Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy (examining the relationship between digital art practices and learning) in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia  in Vancouver, Canada. She received her MFA at UBC in 2000, after receiving an Honours BA  from the University of Toronto in 1998.

Other artworks that have explored self-identity and the internet include:
Feed (2011)
Dialogical Space (2009)

Through the Signs (2003)

Mental Note: It’s Not You (2003)

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