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Late to the party

It’s always a bit awkward to show up at the end of a party. The food has been picked over, the gifts have been opened, and those remaining are either too drunk or too tired to engage in good conversation. Reasons for arriving late most often relate to previous commitments scheduled for the same evening. But remember back in high school when it was cool to hang out with your core group of friends before moving on to the ‘big’ party. And sometimes in the process of the ‘before party,’ everyone would decide to stay put and forget about the ‘big party’. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe the ‘deciding to stay put’ came with age and laziness. I think it also depended on the weather…who wants to leave a nice cozy house to venture out into the freezing cold snow or rain, to risk the potential of a dead party?

I planned a late entrance to the FB party. First I was a voyeur, planning my attack from afar, lurking with caution. After listening to the experiences of party goers — the constant invites from people you don’t remember from high school that you would have nothing in common with, the persistence of wanna be friends who won’t give up the promising relationship they foresee with you, and the barrage of unnecessary visual information streaming minute by minute — I initially restrained from accepting the invites until I sensed that the novelty had worn off and it was safe to enter. Maybe now, there will be less chance of that annoying guy sequestering me in the corner to entertain me with his ’humour’ for hours.

I’m not the only one who decided to wait to ‘join’ >

Now I get the feeling that the party might be over….and that the cool people are deciding to call it a night. I know that some of my friends left before I even got here…

There’s this other party starting up down the street that might be good…

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Belonging to Fbook

It’s now been a week since joining Fbook. I’ve decided that I like to alternate between the Fbook and FB acronyms. Maybe this is some kind of internal desire to be different, I don’t know. I do know that I like saying Fbook because it makes me feel like I am venting some kind of frustration with the network’s controlling aspects. Demonstrating a very small bit of free speech, perhaps…

Putting aside my dislike for certain restrictive features of the Facebook interface, I must admit that the experience so far has resulted in positive feelings of self-worth – a sense of belonging. I honestly do feel different from when I would lurk under my husband’s profile. And the email bombardment of instant notifications has not been all that bad. Perhaps this is because I have had years of time to build myself up for the constant interaction. I decided to leave the majority of the notification settings to the default to intentionally test myself in terms of how long I could tolerate my inbox being filled.

Inbox Victory, Evan Roth, 2008 (screenshot)

LA (Lurkers Anonymous)

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Hi, my name is Heidi and I’m a Facebook lurker. I now vow to participate as my self ( April 5, 2010


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