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I’ve been considering the development of a PostPostself portal, a spinoff of sorts — a reflection of the making process of Postself. It would consist of documentation and reflection on the process of becoming a reflective networked self (as opposed to being a non-reflective networked self). I would explore the challenges, struggles, and rewards of contemplating one’s actions and thoughts while making a project that engages with Facebook. This is very meta….yet perhaps fitting for our complex times.

[*Note: I tend to lean towards other writers who think the “post” is over with….we are posted out. So perhaps I would go with the title of Superself or Alterself, in reference to the other prefixes put forth. For now, because of the double-meaning implied with my use of “post” I will stick with it.]

For my posts on Postself, I keep a text file on my desktop where I “scribble” ideas down as they come to me – how I feel about my relationship with Fbook, what it makes me think about, etc. I date these ideas so that I can refer to them in a chronological manner when looking back on my journey. I then revisit them when I find the time to publish posts to the blog. Some of these comments extend beyond how my relation to Selfpost, and move toward an “unfolding of insights” (Irwin, 2003) about the larger network culture we exist with/in.

Self-reflexivity can be a challenge. Of course Postself is fun and rewarding, but it is quite isolating as well. You know when you have just finished reading a really great book or watching a really great film, and nobody you talk with seems to share the same enthusiasm? Immersing in Continue reading

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