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Facebook, how could you?

Dear Facebook,

You think you know me. You think you know what is best for me. You think you know what I want. What are you basing this on?…my activities and interests, the things I make up in my profile, the things I link to in my status? Isn’t that a bit naive of you? Did you ask me what I want, what I need? No….you just decided for yourself, didn’t you.

Why do I continue to put up with this? What people must think of me sticking it out with you…the things they must be saying behind my back.

It’s not just me, you know. People are angry…I have Friends who are angry…and they are voicing their opinions of this recent change of yours, which, I must say, seems to be having a negative affect on your community. Some are taking it quite personally. I hope you really did do your research…I hope you thought this one out….

Yes, the little things are what we miss but, if you think about it, those little things speak volumes about the level of control you are taking from the users making up your environment. What if we want to arrange the order of the information we choose to provide about ourselves – are you going to let us have that option? Some people have decided not to play your little game, opting to remove the persona that once existed on his or her profile. Is that what you want – a bunch of faceless nodes in your network that rebel against the restrictive and formulaic design?

I’m sorry to have to take this tone with you. Things had been going well… You must know that I speak out of concern….out of….

I’m sorry, I just can’t continue with this conversation until I know that you are really listening.

Are you there Facebook?

Filtering Immediacy & Chat Anxiety

Half an hour after hitting the button, I receive my first “message”…and one that contained a request, a commitment, of which I needed to respond to immediately. This was not a good sign for my resistant self and the loner within, however, it was exciting and flattering for the ego. Someone cares that I’ve entered the network! And, a message….well, that’s much more effort than a comment on my Wall. Maybe the extreme isolation and loneliness I have felt over the past couple of weeks of writing and grading hell will be comforted by being accepted into this online community. Instantaneous virtual contact….no more of that measly email communication for me! Will Facebook messaging become my more ‘public’ method for virtual relationships, providing easy links to recent online observations I’ve made? Will email function as a more ‘private’ and, perhaps serious, form of contact?

The morning after…
At the beginning of another day of balancing work and research within multiple windows across my two digital screens, an unfamiliar sound alerted me to the fact of something I had missed in all of my Facebook preparation. The online chat filter. I could not avoid it, this would go against my Manifesto. Plus, it was my twelve year old niece who lives 5,000 km away…how could I leave that one unanswered. We had a nice chat and I did feel more ‘connected’. Fortunately it happened at a time where I wasn’t feeling stressed with deadlines, a time where I could actually enjoy the encounter. But right when we ended our chat, I made myself invisible in the Facebook chat. I was already aware of my need to control these technological options. I’m not against chatting, I just like to be able to mentally prepare.…the same way it took me five years to mentally prepare for FB 🙂

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