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:: other works of mine about relationships to/with/in the internet ::

Feed (2011)
Dialogical Space (2009)
Through the Signs (2003)
Mental Note: It’s Not You (2003)


:: Selfpost | Postself influences ::

Before and After the I-Bomb: An Artist in the Information Environment, Tom Sherman, 2002

WILL-N-TESTAMENT, Olia Lialina, 1998

Host, Kristin Lucas, 1997

Grammatron, Mark Amerika, 1993-1997

Frank Film, Frank Mouris, 1973


:: related works by contemporary artists ::

Facetbook, Liz Filardi, 2010 (part of I’m Not Stalking You; I’m Socializing, 2009)

“Rachel Is”, Rachel Perry Welty, 2009

dis.like(), Jason Sloan, 2009

F’Book: What My Friends Are Doing In Facebook, Lee Walton, 2009

Personas, Aaron Zinman, 2008

Refresh, Kristin Lucas, 2007 (+ group show “Before and After“)

versionhood, Kristin Lucas,2007+


Life Sharing, Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG, 2000-2003


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