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from Jean-Luc Nancy, Being Singular Plural (2000) >

[Being singular plural means the essence of Being is only as coessence. In turn, coessence, or being-with (being-with-many), designates the essence of the co-,…… Coessentiality signifies the essential sharing of essentiality, sharing in the guise of assembling, as it were. This could also be put in the following way: if Being is being-with, then it is, in its being-with, the “with” constitutes Being; the with is not simply an addition. (p. 30)]

[“Self” defines the element in which “me” and “you,” and “we,” and “they,” can take place.”Self” determines the “as” of Being: if it is, it is as it is. It is “in itself” prior to any “ego,” prior to any presentable “property.” It is the “as” of all that is. This is not a presentable property, since it is presentation itself. Presentation is neither a propriety nor a state, but rather an event, the coming of something: of its coming into the world, where the “world” itself is the plane or the exposing of every coming. (p. 95)]

  1. ¨True limits can never be neutral limits but presuppose an exclusion. A neutral limit would be one which is essentially continuous with what is at its two sides, and the two sides are simply different from each other. As a signifying totality is, however, precisely a system of differences, this means that both are part of the same system and that the limits between the two cannot be the limits of the system. In the case of an exclusion we have, instead, authentic limits because the actualisation of what is beyond the limit of exclusion would involve the impossibility of what is on this side of the limit. True limits are always antagonistic. But the operation of the logic of exclusionary limits has a series of necessary effects which spread to both sides of the limits and which lead us straight into the emergence of empty signifiers…¨

    Ernesto Laclau, from ‘Emancipation(s)’, p.37

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