Heidi worlds collide


What has made me so resistant to Fbook?

Well, that is the purpose of Selfpost | Postself, to investigate this question…

The main thing that has held me back each time I have almost joined is the challenge I foresee in balancing my different ‘worlds’. I’ve learned to handle balancing my different ‘selves,’ although it is an ongoing struggle at times, however, the fear of ‘worlds colliding’ has always been a difficult one for me. Perhaps the challenge is allowing others to experience my evolving multiple selves (artist, teacher, philosopher, writer, academic, student, friend, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, niece, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, neighbour, animal lover, activist, realist, dreamer….) for themselves, yet within a system that defines me merely as a “friend”. I guess one might equate this to the blending of personal and professional worlds…there’s that too.

Quoting the words of George Costanza, “a self divided against itself can not stand.” Or can it?

    • Midford Bell
    • May 12th, 2010

    as Much as I hate to let me world collide as I become one person and another depending on which group of people I am around this is not something anyone should really do. They should be only themselves. On top of being one’s self. They should look at not being just an aunt, a sister and wife or any of these. Should be friends with everyone. Its funny how we find that we can be so nice to many strangers in a day but still snap every once in a while once home to those we love. Maybe all should be stranger or all should be friends. Why define further if all feel the love. Still I become many things in order to feel love from all.

    As far as facebook or other social sites I think we all use them as a form of an ego boost, to continue to feel the love. It has be proven that after going over approx 125 friends you really cant be a true friend to any more above that number of relationships suffer. Given time Facebook will faulter and it will be do to things such as this.

    Good luck Heidi! see your smarts have carried on and its good to see!


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